12 Months of Hope

I’ve been the girl that has dyed her hair for the New Year thinking a new appearance will surely generate newfound success, or at least a new outlook on life. In fact, I’ve dyed my hair way too many times to count, but I won’t lead you aboard that hot-mess express. I’ve tried countless other new years resolutions like to stop biting my nails or to start writing hand-written letters. My nails are still short, and I have sent less snail mail than ever before. So why don’t our heart-felt, positively intentioned resolutions stick? Is it our lack of effort and passion to change or do we simply set ourselves up for failure with unattainable goals?

While the Christmas season has surely wiped our wallets and our caloric intake has hit an all time high, the New Year approaches exactly a week later and we all feel slightly more hopeful. We become inspired to do better and be better. In a desperate attempt to define “better,” we set goals for ourselves. Then, before we know it summer comes and goes and we are back at it with alarms set sharp for 6am to pounce on Black Friday deals and start the holiday season once more. They say the years go faster the older you get, and while I’m only beginning my roaring twenties, I resonate with this now more than ever.

My personal challenge for 2018 is to start this blog. I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially in a free and creative realm. In fact, if I’m being honest, I’d jump at the opportunity to write an essay in school and most certainly push back calculating income statements. The goal is to focus in and reach millennial females pursuing the “real world.” I offer my advice, experiences, failures, and raw exposure to the transition from college to career. While I’m still in the college phase of my journey, I thought it best to start as I conclude my last semester and have little (to no) idea where my life will lead in the upcoming five short months. As many college seniors know, the list of unknowns grows deeper as the weeks turn into months. With every application submitted and interview under our belts, anticipation consumes our minds. 

Anticipation can take two forms: fear and hope. While we anticipate the year ahead and prepare our resolutions, allow hope to fill your environment. Life’s natural progression from ages 1 to 21 is typically obvious. We lose our baby teeth, then leap into kindergarten, prepare for middle school, pass (and fail) our driver’s test, go to prom and pretend its the best night of our lives, then we choose a college and try to remember how we woke up before 10 am in high school. Next, we dig deep within ourselves to figure out a major that truly suites our passions, and then change our major, and change it again. We turn 21 and celebrate hard, but are then thrust into the unknown. We know (or hope) we will graduate but after that it turns completely subjective. My path has been set, so to speak, since as long as I can remember. Now, with resumes in hand, college seniors are about to embark upon official “adulthood.” We reside in a state of limbo, forced to develop our futures but still unsure how exactly to manage our lives.

What I find most exhilarating and refreshing is the opportunity for a renewed start. As a second semester senior (cringe), I have the opportunity to take my life in truly whatever direction I choose. Overwhelming? Absolutely. With the New Year upon you, you too have the opportunity to choose a whole new experience for yourself. It only takes one decision to twist your life in a new direction. Whether it be as instrumental as a career change or as small as a personal goal aimed towards a stronger well-being, allow this new season to inspire you.

Past failures may haunt us. The goals we once set disappeared under our watch just as slow as winter snow melts, it slowly fades away as spring awakens and then one day it’s there and the next it’s not. It may not be because our resolutions were unattainable but because we don’t hold onto the inspired hope we once developed. Life gets busy but don’t allow the past failures prevent you from creating new goals or a new attitude. Trust me, the hair dye faded and my nails still remain bitterly short, but with hope at the forefront, and a solid mix of dedication and energy boiling underneath, this year’s goal of bi-monthly blog writing will hopefully endure. 

I’ll end with a quote from my favorite fictional character, the fabulous, curly-haired New York journalist, Carrie Bradshaw: “Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be”.

Here’s to health, happiness, and hope ahead!

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  1. So beautifully written ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, insights, encouraging words With all of us. Enjoy these next few months of college. Sue

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